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Much Ado About Nothing
written by William Shakespeare
directed by Dr. Kate Booth

The students of the St. Messina High School have just returned from their victory in an Academic Decathlon competition. Romance is in the air, as Claudio, a key member of the team, falls in love with Hero. Opposite their budding relationship are Benedick and Beatrice, two hot-headed, wordplay-loving, insult-hurling students whose sworn hatred for each other can only be thwarted by their friends' determination to get them to fall in love. All seems well, until the disgruntled Donna John convinces Claudio that Hero is cheating on him!


February 10, 11 @ 7pm

Tickets $10 each

The Visit
written by Friedrich Durrenmatt
directed by Jacob Yoder-Schrock

Claire Zachanassian, the world-renown billionairess, has returned to her impoverished hometown of Gullen, to offer them one billion dollars in exchange for the life of Alfred Ill, the man who got her pregnant, forcing her to leave town in disgrace over fifty years ago. Tensions rise in Gullen as the townspeople begin to buy things on credit, and even the local authorities refuse to acknowledge that anything is wrong. Everyone, even Ill's own family, has new yellow shoes... 

March 3, 4, 10, 11 @ 7pm

Tickets $10 each

Big Comedy Smackdown


Join us for our exciting second annual evening of comedy sports-style improv games in a competition between CHS drama students and teachers. The teams score points according to how funny the audience thinks their skits are. At the end of the night, the points are totaled and the winners are announced. Last year, the teachers one by a small margin---come see if the students can make a comeback! Guaranteed to be one of the funniest events you'll attend all year!

Dates TBD

Tickets $10 each

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